Bulldog Art

Jakey and Moses


Another Painting In Progress;
JakeyandMoses 001 What can I say?  I am  in my Jakey Foo Foo Period
. Below are photos snapped during the progress of this painting;
JakeyandMoses 003JakeyandMoses 005JakeyandMoses 006JakeyandMoses 007thePairJakey 003I hope you find this half as instructive and interesting as I do.  Personally, I like the third photo best.  That means the painting starts to go down hill for me as soon as I add the background in such detail.  I need to be less slavish to what the photo tells me and more concentrated on making a good painting.  Back into the studio today to paint out, gray out the background.  It is coming up and forward for me, and I want it duller.  What do you think?

Custom Modification Service

meatmuttchewer 002My name is Meatball and I am available to do custom modification of any piece of furniture in the house.   My specialty is plastic office chairs, although I to an impressive job on wood as well.  I can turn a wooden kitchen chair into an authentic looking replica of a beaver-chewed log.  Good news is my chin acne has cleared since this shot.  Best news of all; my prices.  Full disclosure;  I do tend to fall asleep on the job.

Oh, Meaty

I always have fun painting my dog, Meatball.

Nothing like a Bully in a Life Vest

I am so partial to bullies by a pool or at the beach.  If this is possible, their cuteness is enhanced by a fat life vest.  This boy will be in the book, “100 Bullies,”.     So will his sister.   Paintings purchased by their owner.

Meat Meister


Sold on ebay.   I love this one.  Sweet Meaty.

Laying down on the Job

Every super model needs a break from time to time.  I love the light, the sunlight and shadow on the deck, and my sweet boy, Meatball.  I hope you do too!   

See how this painting is doing at auction……

Oh, Betty!

Betty, you are so sweet.  I hope someone puts in another bid for you in your auction! 

Cute Frenchie Girl

This just goes to show you what can happen.  There was a photo posted on facebook just a few days ago that I found really appealing.   I wrote to ask permission to paint it.   This girls owner said, “Yes.”   I told her it would probably be a while, then kept thinking of this already square composition, and wanted to paint it.  Less than a week later, here we are!  Below you will see the stages in my painting process;



Above you can see our girl sketched in with a big brush.  You will also see that I am now working on either a pure black ground, as recommended by my teacher, Karen Jurick, or, as above, what she suggested, a warm wash over the black.  I have always understood the wisdom of, “Killing the white,”  before you start, so you don’t have to fight it as you paint.  As I go along, I am liking the pure  soft black grounds more and more.   Below is the next stage of the painting; advanced but not yet finished.



Not finished, above, but I was liking it.  If YOU like my work it is so so easy to order a portrait.  It takes just $25 to get me started.  Actually, this lady just posted a super cute photo to facebook!  Want to hear the really good news?  She is going to purchase the painting, and send me photos of her other dog,  to order a companion portrait.  What are you waiting for?




Two Friends

Like so many of my paintings, this was a commission, and a surprise gift.  I have to keep those under wraps until the date of the occasion passes.   To order your own portrait please go to my web site.  Check out the page, “Order a Portrait for all the juicy details.  Thanks!  Remember, it only takes a $25 deposit to get me started!

Win a FREE Painting Contest

The idea for the small paintings comes from something we did in Karen Juricks’ class last week.  She had done a project in the past where she painted 100 mug shots.  She got the photos off the internet and an I Phone app called, “Busted.”   She gave us each a photo of a felon to paint and a small panel, 4 x 4″.   Here is mine;


The contest is for a free painting, 4 x 4 inches.  The idea of these small paintings is to do them often, fairly quickly and as a warm up for me.  The idea for YOU is to win a painting!  Here is how to do it;  Go to my page on facebook;  http://www.facebook.com/SusanTantlingerART   Simply post of photo of your dog (or your favorite felon).   Strong hint;  Dogs will get more likes than nasty looking criminals.  The guy above is just an example!  We will put them all in an album on that page.   The photo with the most, “LIKES”  by Sunday, May 6th at midnight Mountain time, will be the winner.  Here are some sample photos.  The photos do NOT have to be square, I can crop them.  Just post a cute one, and get your friends to vote for it!  They have to “Like” the page to be able to like the photo or comment.    Here are some examples;






















Now, so you can see how the little paintings come out, here is a photo of the Meatball and the resulting painting.



And the painting;


Depending on your monitor, that image should be about actual size;  4 x 4 inches.  I like to frame these small square paintings mounted flush on a big board covered with fabric.  I learned the term for that!  It’s called, “Floating,” them and it looks really good.  You don’t loose one bit of the panel painting that way. 

Here’s a little one I did of Bull Bull.  I have an order for a painting, 8 x 10 of her now and did this smaller one too. I show it so you can see another one this size;



Bull Bull is a senior girl and much loved.  You don’t have to have a bulldog to enter!  Ok, so, just post your photos to my facebook Art page.     By doing that, you are giving me permission to paint the image.  Get your friends to “Like” your photo.  The photo with the most likes by May 6th gets a free 4 x 4″ painting!  Good luck to all!