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Please go to my WEB SITE to see a complete portfolio of work, which includes many portraits!

I would love to do a portrait of your dog, house, cat,  llama or dream cabin.

I work from your photos. Please let me know where I can see as many as possible. A “Good,” photo for my purposes is one with high contrast between light and dark (perhaps in sunlight), and on the dog’s level.  I can do multiple dogs or subjects in one painting. Just let me know where I can see the photos online, or send them to me by email. Please indicate your favorite photos and tell me why. I like to have the largest file possible of the one we finally choose. You can email me. I am always available to answer your questions.

All paintings are oil on museum quality Raymar canvas panels.   A deposit of $25 will get me started on your painting.

Prices range from $250 to $3000


Get started Now!


Delivery time will be discussed as we choose the photo to be used as inspiration. It varies depending on how many orders I have at the time of your request. I can usually finish a painting and get it to you in one month. When the painting is completed I will send you a photo, and the balance is due at that time. Payment can be made either through paypal, or by check.

2 Responses to Order a Painting

  • Susan says:

    HI, Marie, I responded to you by email. I would LOVE to do a painting of your bullies. I look forward to seeing the photos. Susan.

  • Marie Harmon says:

    I will try and get as many pictures as I can this weekend of diesel and blossom so you can have different choices to choose from. I am the owner of Diesel Harmon (bulldog). I loved the Christmas tags that you sent my mother-in-law, Dia Harmon. She let me have a few of them and I put them on our christmas tree. Her profile pic (elvis) I own his little brother who we named diesel. I don’t know if dia told you that the costume that elvis is wearing is the one that I made just for him for that halloween. He won 1st place and diesel’s costume won 2nd place at the vet office. Ok well I just hope you can combine two pictures together because its hard to get diesel and blossom to sit down and stay still next to each other for any period of time. Thanks
    Marie Harmon

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