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4 Responses to Contact

  • Susan says:

    Thank you so much, Carla. I will make you a super Easter hat for Ellie Mae!

  • Carla Waldie says:

    I have put my check in the mail today for the bonnet. I can not wait to get it for my Ellie Mae. I Love the hats you have made for bulldogs, the are just awesome.

  • Susan says:

    Hi, Mimi, Sorry I missed your call! I got the message and will email you now! I really look forward to making to coordinating coats. PINK! Oh, I will have fun with that! Thanks so much.

  • imi Georganas says:

    I just left you a two hour message…I need coordinating coats for Butterbean and Pattie…
    Butterbean is 55 lbs…Pattie….42lbs…I LOVE the pink coat….whatever you make
    I’ll like..tell me how much…where to send a check…xoxoxo MERRY CHRISTMAS
    I don’t need these for Christmas….I’m not pushing you…:))))

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