Meaty Painting Finished!


Impressionist Dog PortraitI didn’t like the yellow in the light part of the carpet.  So I changed it; made it a more pure red.
bummerDifficultweek 020

Funniest Thing EVER

afterbidynessCookies 010What can I say.  I just find this the funniest thing ever.  We got a box today from Jakey Foo and his Mom.  This looks so totally real.  The whole package is orange and this custom printing is so carefully put onto it, I just thought at first that Jakey was sending Meaty some treats.  Then I saw the bulldog.  Hey!  That looks like Meaty!  Wait a minute!  That IS Meaty!  Again, the package is so well done, I thought, “Someone is RIPPING OFF MY ART!”  Using my photos on some dog treat package!  Again!  I’ve even had a bait shop in Wales use a dog of mine, my art, for a newspaper add.  Don’t get me started.  Anyway, just look at the special instructions, in Bully Language, no less.   Honestly, I laughed till I cried.  This is the best things ever.  ps.  There is NO WAY Meaty is getting treats for being house trained.  He will get these treats, as gifts.  I am a tough cookie.  Jakey Foo, we Lub Yews!

Just the Beginning of a Meaty butt Special

meatbuttspecial 001Quite a large painting I started yesterday.  Excited to be back in the studio to work on it more.  Meatball!

Happy Birthday Surprise


Impressionist Dog PaintingHere is a custom portrait, in oil, of course, of three beloved bullies in the same family.  Happy Birthday Surprise!
Here are some details for you to enjoy;
KarrieFonte 025KarrieFonte 026KarrieFonteSENT - Copy (2)

The One that Got Away

KarrieFonte 007 - CopyI wanted to show you the painting that one FIRST prize.  This is a pastel by David Vogel.
  I think it is beautiful, don’t you?


Impressionist Horse PaintingSaturday, April 6th.  The Reception and Awarding of Prizes in the 2013 Rocky Mountain Regional Juried Exhibition.  So many people there, and so much really lovely art.  I will admit, I had hope because the show was juried by an Emeritus Professor of Art, Mr. John Pollock.   The man can draw.  So I had hope he would value traditional skills.   I was not disappointed.   The show was lovely.  When the awards began, Mr. Pollock moved around the room, with everyone’s attention, commenting on the paintings he chose to honor.  Honorable Mentions were given first, about five of them.  When I saw what he chose, easily understood his choices, it was a good feeling.  I didn’t get an Honorable Mention, but curiously, my hope increased.   He gave the third prize.  Then he walked to the three of my paintings he had juried into the show, and awarded me Second Prize.  Mr. Pollock said, “If I could give an award for a body of work this would be it.”  He complimented the strong composition, the turning of ordinary subjects into real art.  Best of all he praised the brushwork.  That was wonderful.  I sometimes feel I loose competitions because my paintings are not identical to photographs.  They are paintings, with paint on them.  Material, and visible brushstrokes.  Finally, Finally, in the United States, someone has seen and honored this!  Yes, I had a one man show in New York in 1987, sold very well.  Not to mention the solo shows in Paris (two of those,) the one in London and the one in Chicago.  Those were a long time ago.  Today is today, and since I came back to the US from France, I just haven’t gotten the recognition here.  Now, Thank God (and I do), is might be starting to come again.  I can already see some doors creaking open, and a promise of more.  I’m so happy and so very grateful! Oh, yes, and the prize came with a check of $300.

This week’s work

nurserypeek 006It isn’t painting.  But it’s creative, honest, very pleasant work.  I am spending the whole week sewing a complete nursery decor for a lady in Florida.  Happy to have this work. 

We Made the Show!

The Depot Gallery, Red Lodge, Montana is having a juried show, and not only am I in it, one of my selected paintings made the front page of the web site!  Whooo Hoooo!
Impressionist Horse PortraitI am very happy to have two other paintings in this show. Rocky Mountain Regional Juried Exhibit 2013!
Artist Reception and Awards; Saturday April 6, 2013, 3 -5 pm


Plein Air Sunset

PleinAirSunset 003This little 5 x 7″ painting was done yesterday.  Finally it has been warm enough to get outside!  Sunsets are so so difficult.   I always feel so pressured to work quickly! 

Jakey and Moses


Another Painting In Progress;
JakeyandMoses 001 What can I say?  I am  in my Jakey Foo Foo Period
. Below are photos snapped during the progress of this painting;
JakeyandMoses 003JakeyandMoses 005JakeyandMoses 006JakeyandMoses 007thePairJakey 003I hope you find this half as instructive and interesting as I do.  Personally, I like the third photo best.  That means the painting starts to go down hill for me as soon as I add the background in such detail.  I need to be less slavish to what the photo tells me and more concentrated on making a good painting.  Back into the studio today to paint out, gray out the background.  It is coming up and forward for me, and I want it duller.  What do you think?