Plein Air at the Indian Caves


Plein Air.  Plein Pouring Rain!  But so much fun with my painter friend, Jacquie Kittson!
These are the Indian Caves near Billings, MT
IndianCaves 007 We stuck it out in the rain.  Jacquie will be sending me photos of my painting in progress,
but here it is in a photo on the table taken this morning.

IndianCaves 010Now here is Jacquie, looking good and cheerful, despite the rain;
IndianCaves 004 - CopyIndianCaves 003 - Copy

Now brace yourselves.  This is brutal and not for the fainthearted; The rain increased and we packed up and left.  The photo below was taken on the way to the car.  Who IS THIS PERSON????  Terrible double chins, half a face, drowned rat?
And below you can see me painting.  Mind you, it was MAY 17th.  I am wearing, two sweaters, an apron, silk scarf and winter coat.  Summer?  Spring?  Best Brella is supposed to keep sun off canvas.  Here it was serving as a plain umbrella!


6 Responses to Plein Air at the Indian Caves

  • Susan says:

    Thanks! It was fun! But some of my materials are STILL drying!

  • Beautiful place to do plein air. Even with bad weather it looks like an amazing day!

  • Susan says:

    I think I was laughing at being SOAKED and because I knew I looked funny. We had fun, so we must be nuts!

  • Alison Given says:

    Hey Susan, all I can say is at least you are still smiling even in that downpour. Being an artist isn’t for the faint hearted.

  • Susan says:

    Can’t wait, Jacquie! The sun! Not THAT would be a change! I forget we live in a couple of sunny states! Pouring here again today. Total red neck car wash kind of day.

  • Jacquie Kittson says:

    I love it! We had a blast, just imagine what we can do on a sunny day.
    Until we paint again, Jacquie

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