Monthly Archives: May 2012

Sleeping with toys


Sometimes I fall asleep on top of my toys.  Love, The Meatball. 
Would you check out the auction for this painting, please?  

I’ll give you a big sloppy, bulldog kiss!

100 Year Old Meaty


Why so serious, Meaty?  You look as if you were a hundred years old, my boy!
Meaty says, “Visit the auction for this painting, please!”

I am cute in my coat!


Meaty just wants somebody to love him in this green coat.   Come on, folks.  Check out the auction, and make a Meatball happy.    Thank you!

Meaty Super Model

This pose is some Meaty cuteness at it’s best.  Meatball is a Super Model, forced to wear the bulldog coats and hats I make, and to pose for photos.  He’s a  natural!  Here he is resting between fittings.  Sweet boy.  This painting, 4 x 4 inches, will be available through an auction!   Bidding starts very low.   See you there!

Mugzy oh, Mugzy.


Love me some Mugzy Gordon.  I never get tired of painting this boy!  I love his chubby body, his “Special ear,”  the teeth and the tongue!  I know I’ve said it before, and artists always tend to like their very latest work.  But I  honestly feel this is one of the best paintings I’ve ever done, certainly the best 4 x 4″ to date.                     
Remember that there is a book to be published, called, “100 Bullies.”  THIS boy will be in it for sure!  Will your bully?  For consideration, just send photos to    

Meanwhile, Mugzy is for SALE, at auction.  See him here!

Mugzy Gordon…At it Again.


Everybody loves Mugzy Gordon!  Mugzy loves FOOD.  Here he is looking hopefully up to the kitchen counter.  He’s thinking;  “Maybe I will get lucky and something will fall!  Good luck, Mugzy!  We love you.    See this little 4 x 4″ painting in an auction now! 



Here’s a little 4 x 4″ painting of my boy, Meatball.  Meaty!  You look about a hundred years old here!  He will be two…NEXT January!    Don’t worry, most of the time he’s WILD.  This calm moment is a rare thing.    The painting is available at auction.  Please check it out!  Very reasonable Meaty Cuteness.



Here is the painting won by Chad Lee.   His sweet Princes was out in front by 100+ votes in the Free Painting Contest.  
Congratulations, Chad. 
Princess, R.I.P.

The Black Stallion

People have been asking for little 4 x 4″ paintings of Horses.  Well, here you are!  
Available in an auction, very LOW bid to start……Off to the races, people!

I would SO like this painting to sell and sell well.  Asking myself a huge question;  Am I really stuck painting only dogs for the rest of my life?   I am so blessed in that the little bulldog paintings are selling.  So grateful.  But if I put up a horse, or a truck or a person………nada.    Asking myself;  “Is it because I do have a huge pool of bulldog friends, not horse friends?”  Let alone truck-loving  friends.  What do you think????


Yup!  He’s now IN the Building!   This was an order, for a little 4 x 4 inch original.  They are so reasonable!  Perfect gifts!  Order yours now!