Gray Pita – Warts and All

It would be so easy for me just to show you the finished product.  I show all stages, for your enjoyment and also, I hope for comments and suggestions.  I enjoy hearing your reactions.  So, here is how the painting of Pita began. 



Looking good to me so far.


Wow.  I’m in love.  I love it.  This, or even the previous stage is always my favorite.  What I am trying to understand is what do I lose, how do I lose anything in “Completing” the painting.  I went to bed praying I wouldn’t wreck it. 



Uh oh.  She looks to gray to me!  Too monochromatic!  I have lost some of what I loved!  See, I do show you my mistakes.  Hopefully it’s not too late to get the rust glows back:



Ok, I think I did it, pretty well.  At least I know where I can make improvement.  I love this painting and am happy to offer it for sale.  But I know in which area I can keep trying to impove;  Finish the painting without losing the free, loose strokes and the glory of the ground color which seemed so right.


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