Trying (almost) Anything.

Sure I have limits, but I think I need to expand them.  Trying to do WHAT, you ask?  Trying to get my Life back.  To be a painter again.  A successful painter.  Ok, I’ll define, or redefine that;  For me, it is to be selling, selling a LOT, in a top gallery.  Let’s make that a couple of galleries.  To do that, I am beginning to believe that I have to have a wide range of subjects.  I will only, can only, do subjects that speak to me.  I listed them.  Here are  my traditional, heart-felt subjects.

*Old photos
*Animals; meaning, *Dogs

 It has been suggested to me that I do, “Too many dogs, or bulldogs.”  Ha!  I bet David Marine is sorry I did them too.  The daily painter site is now littered with badly done head shots of dogs, mostly bulldogs and the usual slew of poorly composed water colors of cats.  Pass the air sick bag.  In the mean time, here are some recent efforts;


That’s the island where I lived for thirty years.  I’m practically GIVING this one away on daily paintworks.  The one below, as well. 

So is that.  Both painted from a photo, of course.  I unashamedly use my own photos for inspiration.

My Father and I used to wander for hours among the old cars at the Pamona Swap Meet.  Good times.

I remember taking this photo with my Father.

So, what do you all think?
I really will try and try harder to reach my goals.             










5 Responses to Trying (almost) Anything.

  • Susan says:

    Oh, Marilyn, thank you. I know from past experience that the news on tv being bad frightens people. I too hope attitudes will turn around, and hope return. I really APPRECIATE the encouragement. That’s probably why I wrote this, to receive some. So, thank you. I need it. Susan.

  • Marilyn Sluder says:

    That is “hang in there” !!! I must spend more time on FB typing.. Goodnight.

  • Marilyn Sluder says:

    Your paintings are beautiful. Do not be discouraged, life is very difficult for lots of people. Hand in there and our economy, our attitudes will turn around. I see so many people suffering now, real estate has just devasted so many friends. We have to keep our faith. Blessings to you. I have not been on FB much, lots I am dealing with and no time. Take care. Marilyn and Lady Wuves U !

  • Susan says:

    Oh, you sweet friend. I am looking for encouragement, and yours means a LOT. Thank you, Andrea.

  • Andrea says:

    Susan– you have a wonderful talent and you will get back the life you want as a painter!

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