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Hi, Friends, Meaty here.  I don’t know if you know it, but my Mommy can sew anything!  She’s very good at inventing, drafting patterns that fit us BULLIES!  Did you know that she drafted the pattern for Mugzy Gordon to make his vests?  Well, she is not a bragger, but it’s not a secret.  He is selling his vests, and we are separately selling COUTURE, handmade ones.   These are not sold on any web site except my Mommy’s!  Right here!    Ok, now for a look; 



That’s ME!  Meatball!  Meatball the Model, showing you the first, and the only reversible doggie coat by my Mommy.  Just look at the little white dogs; they look like ME!   Can you see the fancy top-stitching done all by hand around the whole coat?  It’s just like on a fancy men’s cashmere overcoat.  Very chic.



See?  Mommy has designed the coat so it comes down nice and warm over a bullys shoulders.  It is fully covering my back, yet just perfect bully length, like me. 


In this shot you can really see the collar and the pompom trim well.  It is pink and green just like the collars on the printed little white dogs.  Mommy hand-stitched it invisibly to both sides of the collar.


This coat is totally reversible!  One of a kind and Two Coats in One!  Here I am giving you the pink stink eye showing you the pink side.   This side would look good on any bully girl………or a boy, like me, tough enough to wear Pink!



That’s probably just about as much of my cuteness as you can stand for today.   This coat is SOLD, thank you!  It is a one of a kind, couture, hand finished item, totally reversible.   I don’t know why Mommy cleaned the few genuine Meaty hairs off of it after the photo shoot….but she did.   There is enough material to make ONE MORE.  Order now for Christmas.  This one costs $65.    Shipping is free! 

One Sick Puppy

Meaty here.  That’s what I was Monday night; one sick puppy.  I spent all day Tuesday at the vet’s and I’m recovering now.  I threw up on the pillow in the bed.  oops.   Thanks to the many, many people and doggies who wrote to me on facebook.

When  I became ill, Mommie asked our good friend, Vinny Oliver Preston to sing me a song.
He WROTE me a song;  here it is for you to enjoy.  

Meaty’s Get Well Song; 


Him’s a little baby, baby, baby
Him’s a little baby… baby boy…
Poor little baby, feelin’ sucky
Maybe he needs a bath and a rubber ducky
a few little bubbles
to distract his tummy
poor little baby… baby boy….
If he still feels like crap
He can take a nap…
Just protect the feather pillow
from the ick that’s kinda yellow…
poor little puppy… baby boy…
time for cartoons and soup
for Mama too
put on your jammies, grab the remote, you know what to dooooooo….
I bet you called the vet,
they said fluids and rest
but how can you chill
when your baby boy is ill?
Get lots of pillow, make a cot on the couch
Don’t watch the news, it can make anyone a grouch…
Snuggle the little baby…baby…baby… snuggle your little baby… baby boy!
He’ll be better by morning
give the vet a ring
just in time to listen… to Charlie Brown sayyyy…
“I can’t cook a Thanksgiving dinner. All I can make is cold cereal and maybe toast.”
mmmm… toast rhymes with roast and I’d eat them both!
What’d ya say Meaty?
He wants both too…..
That’s some for me and youuuuu….
Even tho he feels sickly… set a place….he’ll be well by Thanksgiving dayyyyy at 2!

Get well soon buddy! Loves ya Miss. Susan! Hope ya like my get well song. xoxoxoxo

Vinny, you’re the bestest friend ever.  Love, Meaty.

Wally Prints

I was asked to do a print of Wally, wearing his allergy sock.   Four separate blocks were carved for the different colors.   Here are some of the first color, black, printed on papers and drying. 


I loved it at this stage!  It is very rare for me to print
the darkest color first. 


Simple close up.   Below you can see the third block, with ink applied.



Now let’s print.  My only hesitation is that perhaps the two colors on the dog are too close in hue.   Definitely very subtle.  



Love this section so much it is what I posted to Daily Paintworks today.   My only hesitation is that I may print the dark over the light instead of this way.   We shall see.  Meanwhile here is the full print;  



Now you can see Wally’s allergy sock.  I applied different ink to that part of the block after rolling on the soft turquoise color.



That might just be my favorite section yet.

This was so much fun.  The blocks are drying and I think I might try another color scheme, and another order of printing the different blocks tomorrow.   What colors would you like to see on Wally?  

Merry Christmas, Andrea

Andrea encouraged me to start to paint again.  I had done a portrait of her Doodlebug, but wanted to make her another one.  Here was the beginning;



Looking good.  So I finished it, in full color.  Then I put it in my BOOK!  Follow the link for a full preview of the book.   It is now even available as an e-book for ipad or iphone!



This painting was supposed to be a surprise.  Oops.  Originally I set the preview of the book to, “First 15 Pages.”  You see, I had put this painting towards the back of the book, thinking Andrea could look at the book preview, but would never see this painting.   Then another friend wanted to see all the pages, to see her dogs……… I reset the preview settings to, “All Pages.”  Dumb idea.  Andrea saw this, and so I had to reveal the surprise.    Maybe I had better get this Christmas present in the mail.
What do you think?






And the truck; 



So what does anyone say?

Today on the Easel




Please stay tuned for further developments.














Trying (almost) Anything.

Sure I have limits, but I think I need to expand them.  Trying to do WHAT, you ask?  Trying to get my Life back.  To be a painter again.  A successful painter.  Ok, I’ll define, or redefine that;  For me, it is to be selling, selling a LOT, in a top gallery.  Let’s make that a couple of galleries.  To do that, I am beginning to believe that I have to have a wide range of subjects.  I will only, can only, do subjects that speak to me.  I listed them.  Here are  my traditional, heart-felt subjects.

*Old photos
*Animals; meaning, *Dogs

 It has been suggested to me that I do, “Too many dogs, or bulldogs.”  Ha!  I bet David Marine is sorry I did them too.  The daily painter site is now littered with badly done head shots of dogs, mostly bulldogs and the usual slew of poorly composed water colors of cats.  Pass the air sick bag.  In the mean time, here are some recent efforts;


That’s the island where I lived for thirty years.  I’m practically GIVING this one away on daily paintworks.  The one below, as well. 

So is that.  Both painted from a photo, of course.  I unashamedly use my own photos for inspiration.

My Father and I used to wander for hours among the old cars at the Pamona Swap Meet.  Good times.

I remember taking this photo with my Father.

So, what do you all think?
I really will try and try harder to reach my goals.             










Blarney Painting

It all started like this;  



Let’s begin a painting of this boy. 



There’s a start.  Let’s add some darks and lights.



Looking good, Blarney.  Time for color. 



And there he is!  Paint still wet, just finished,
 photo snapped on the easel.  
Would you like to  order a portrait of your dog?   

                          It is probably more reasonable than you imagine!
Just a $25 deposit gets me started!  

Betty Done

Yep.  She’s finished.


Do you like her?

Bully Couture

My pal, Mugzy Gordon, makes the BESTEST vests.
I wear ‘em to work.


This one is just perfect for me here in Wyoming.
Dis was taken at da Petting Zoo.



Da border has bears and pine trees.  I scared of REAL bears.   We HAVE dem at the petting zoo sometimes!



This is possibly not my most intelligent look, but the vest looks nice.



Why was Mommy laughing when she took this photo?



Ok, so I’m hanging out of my widdle bed.  MAAAAAAAmy!
You need to get me a bigger one!



These colors are great on me, if I do say so.
I wore the vest with my Dozer Vuitton collar.  Perfect!



It’s tiring being this cute.