Meaty Fashionista

Brace yourselves, folks.


Meaty here.  TOLD you I wanted to be a model!



Mommy knit me this widdle coat.  I am very serious about
posing and my career.



See?  I turn for the photographer, and sit very nicely in the sun.



I’m so proud of my coat, I can’t stand it!  The collar has mohair yarn in it so it is extra thick, soft and furry.  Dis is going to keep me so warm at the petting zoo!



I sat nice and still for the photo shoot, even though there was a widdle wock under my bum.  A professional neber complains.



That photographer kept coming round to my face.
I think he thinks it’s cute!



Just wanted to show you the back and da pretty colors.   Below is another of my recent magazine covers.



I’m a STAR.  Better get on Momma’s mailing list NOW.  This week she is sending out a rare newsletter.  It will have Secret Codes you can use in our Etsy shop to get a BUNCH off of Bulldog stuff.

lub yew all, Meaty.

8 Responses to Meaty Fashionista

  • Susan says:

    Thank you, Joanne. I sure like all the compliments! Meaty.

  • Joanne Rusaw says:

    You are Just toooo beautiful.

  • Susan says:

    Thanks, Kylee, I love to make him things. He is so good about posing!

  • Susan says:

    “Prince and the Pebble!” That’s a good one! Perfect! So glad you like it. I think Meaty thought it was a bit Pink.

  • Kylee says:

    That is a beautiful bulldog in a beautiful coat! Meaty is a lucky man to have a mom who knows how to make him outfits!

  • Linda says:

    What a sharp looking sweater. The colors bring the white out in Meaty’s coat. Love the “prince and the pebble” that Meaty endured so stoically!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you, Tarryn! It gets so cold here in the winter, and we have to work outside two days a week. I love making him coats and sweaters. Lucky for him he’s not a girl, or I would go wild!

  • Tarryn Caizergues says:

    Meaty looks so reagal! He sure has one talented Mom!

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