Mortified Meatball

Hi, Folks, Meatball here.  I’ll be six months old on Friday!  Yesterday was the hottest day of the year.  Just LOOK what Mommy made me wear!  I am mortified!

Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art

Oh, the shame of it.  I am hiding under the table in the petting zoo so no one will see me.  (Unless they bring a dog bone, in which case I might come out.)



Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art

Special cooloroo bed, cool collar and now this special cooling vest!  I guess Mommy loves me!


Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art


What’s a bully to do?


Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art


Do you still think I look cute?  Why don’t I have any TOYS?


Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art

I’m drippin water all over the lovely (never washed) floor of the shed.  This suit is so big for me that Mommy had to tie it on my tummy with a rope.  Oh, the humiliation!


Susan Tantlinger Bulldog Art


I’m so embarassed, I can’t even look you in the face.


I’m a mortified Meatball.  Will you still love me?  I love you!   Meaty.

8 Responses to Mortified Meatball

  • Susan says:

    Meaty the puppy is right here, Miss Aileen! Thank you for saying I look handsome. (blushes). Do you really think I look ok? I think I am in the equililant of my teen years. When Mom put this vest on me I hid. You know how some dogs do if they go to the groomer and are almost ashamed to come out? If they get a lot of hair cut off or something? I need reassurance. kiss Savvy for us. Meaty.

  • Aileen rosenberg says:

    Oh, Meatball, moms always do what is necessary to keep us healthy. And you know, that vest is reallY becoming to you. of course, a stud puppy like you looks good in anything!!, You are getting so big!!!, Where is Meaty the puppy!!!???

  • Susan says:

    Fank yew, Miss Andrea. It IS my color, isn’t it. Dat’s da color of da googles YOU sent me…..Blue! I hab to twy dem on again. Dey were pwetty big when yew first sent dem. Oh, dey will look super wif my blue cool coat. Fank yew! lub yew, Meaty.

  • Susan says:

    Fanks, Mack. I trust you big boys to teach me the ropes. So she will always do what she wants to keep me cool and comfy? No matter how silly I look? Yew fink I will gwow more? I hope so. Yew bigger dan I am. I want to be a big bully like da big boys. lub, Meaty.

  • Susan says:

    Thank you, Miss Beth. I was asking to hear that. I felt funny in that little coat. It does keep me cool!

  • Beth Alboum says:

    Oh Meatball! You are handsome no matter what your mommy makes you wear!

  • Mack says:

    Meatball buddy, yew asked wats a bully to do. Grin and bear it buddy our moms are bully moms and da always make us wear tat stuff to make sure we say cool. Bout yew cooling vest being tied on, yew will grow into real soon I promise.

  • Andrea says:

    hahahahahahahahahahahahaha … yewz stiwl bery coot, Meaty… I WIKE yew in bwue!!!

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