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Spotted Meatball and the Big Boy Collar

bulldog art

Fasten your seatbelts, Bulldog lovers.  Baby Meatball is twelve weeks old, and we have some seriously cute photos to show you. 


bulldog art


Here I am wearing my new Dozer collar that we got from Carolina Pet Pantry; every bulldogs favorite store. 

My bully friend, Dozer makes them.  Well, I guess his Mom helps some.   See Dozer’s emblem on the buckle? 


bulldog art


Mommy sure took lots of photos of me.


I climb over rocks now!


bulldog art

My big triumph captured on film!  This is my first successful step climb!  Whew!


bulldog art


I want to be a junior model for Dozer’s business.  I love Dozer!   His Mom sent me a monkey collar too so I can be, “Like the other big boys.”  Dozer calls me, “Meaty.”



Those steps going down look pretty scary!


See Dozer?  I can be so dramatic when posing for the camera!



Turn the other way?  Ok.  I take direction very well.



I’m  a funny boy. 






Do I have a career as a model? 



I’m the Mighty Meatball.  Every time I take a nap, I grow a new spot.  See you next week.  Does everybully love me?

Eddie Prints


The prints of Eddie are finally done.  This is a four color print.  The four blocks took a week to carve.  They are printed in several different color ways both on white and cream paper.  I hope these gay images will lift the heart of his owner, Gayle.  She is so sad at Eddies passing. 


Here is Eddie in green and turquoise.  Camo Eddie? 


bulldog art

Did this color way the day before Easter.  Think the Spring colors influenced me.  Easter Eddie?


bulldog art


Personally, I quite like peach as the top color.  Exceptionally, I printed in reverse; the darkest color first, moving up through the four blocks to the lightest.


bulldog art


Yellow and turquoise.  I really like this one.


bulldog art


Tangerine Eddie?  How will Galye like these? 


bulldog art


I am lovin the pale peach!  Might be one of my favorites!  In these larger photos I hope you can see more detail and how the first colors printed show through the top colors.


bulldog art


I even like the green and turquoise now!  What do you think?  Gayle just wrote to say, “My baby is beautiful.” 

bulldog art


I think I like them all!  How about you?

A Western Easter

Recently there’s been a  lot of buzz about communication through telling your story.  This Christian life is a big part of mine, and I am happy to share it with you all.


Don was surely thinking seriously before giving the message.



Songs of praise by our dear Pam.



Some came to sunrise service straight from the horse sale.



Making a joyful noise unto the Lord.



Our sweet cowgirl, Ashley, warmed by  Grandma Sue.



Don gives the message, Bible in hand.



Special times.



Our mountain altar.



We’re rustic.  We’re Western.  And we are sincere in our love of God.  Blessings to all.



Eleven Weeks – new Spots on the Meatball

english bulldog art

Baby Meatball here.  Today is Good Friday so Mommy is all serious and cooking up a storm.  I am just hanging out, looking cute. 


english bulldog art   Susan Tantlinger

Here I am attacking my foxy.  This is a shot to show you my SPOTS.  Every time I take a nap, I grow a  new spot.  I gots spots all over my ears and head.  I’m getting spots on my back.  Mommy tried to wash one off my cheeks.   She says all my loose skin falls underneath to my tummy.  We call it my, “Sixpack.” 


Do I still look pretty kissable?

Ancient History. I owe it to you.

Tantlinger art

The Artist as a Young Woman. Paris 1984. First One Man Show.

People who talk about the past, about what they, “Used to do,” are irritating.  Makes me want to ask, “What are you doing NOW?”   Recently I have been so blessed; people are interested in and buying my two dimentional art again.  Great.  They simply like it, which is wonderful.  Then, in speaking with close friends, I realize that even they don’t know a thing about my artistic past.  So I have determined to lay it out for you.  Might add some credibility.  Above I was standing in front of the gallery where I had my first One Man show, in Paris, 1984.  Galerie Naifs et Primitifs, Rue du Dragon.  This was the center of the Paris art scene.  There were five galleries on one block, there on the left bank.


Above is the poster for the show.  Professionals were paid to tape up a thousand of these in shop windows all over Paris.  The same image was used for the inviatation, and 1500 of those were sent out by the gallerie.  You can see, I was doing dogs, even then.


The interior of the gallerie.  Entirely devoted to my show for a month.  Dogs, dogs, dogs, more animals, cats, and more dogs.  Sorry about the pale smudges.  These are scans of the only photographs I have.  Rubber cement came through the photos in my old paper “book.”  This was, after all, more than 25 years ago. 


Above is a series of sheep.  I loved these.  They all have a quadruple marie louise.  Those, and the frames, I made myself.  I used to walk, yes, walk, from the left bank, carrying the long lengths of wood, across the Seine, through the first arrondisement, to my third floor apartment on the Rue St. Roch.  To deliver the finished paintings, I would simply take the bus back in the other direction. 


Cats.  Please don’t ever ask me to do cats again.  We sold every one I ever did, and I am burned out on cats for life.  Particularly proud of the above, for its glazing into the shadows.  But it’s still a cat. 


Above is the window of the gallerie during my show.  When I look at this photo, it seems I was there yesterday.


There I am sitting for a moment in the directors chair.  This gives you an idea of the size of the painting used for the poster. 

Felt I needed to begin sharing my past with you.  It might add some credibility.  ?  It’s a part of who I am as an artist and a woman.  It is in me.  I know about it.  But you do not.  Two one man shows in Paris, one in New York, one in Chicago, one in London; the subject of future posts.  You’ll get to see it all. 

My hope is that it will increase your interest in what I do …!

tantlinger art

The Little Red Coat

english bulldog art

Meatball here.  How much cuter can I get? 

 Scroll down, and I’ll show you.



I’m getting bigger and braver.



Usually I’m trotting toward my Mommy.



My pink tongue comes out sometimes.



We borrowed this little coat from Aunt Nancy’s Papillion!

Look, Nancy, I can go outside and not get

 anything on the straps!



Sometimes I bite the weeds.



Just me.  I’ll be ten weeks old on Monday!



Want to kiss my sweet face? 

 I love you, Baby Meatball.

Bulldog Art – Painting Finished

Mugzy is finished.  On to the next one.  What do you think?

Painting Again…Who’da Thunk it?

english bulldog art

Who dat?


Well, it’s Mugzy Gordon, of course.  Why did I start with him?  Because he is the cutest, most graphic, sweet bulldog around.  And because there is no pressure.  His Mom didn’t ask me to do it.  I’m painting again.  Above is just the first dark and light layer on the canvas. Here’s a little of the story. 

I was trained in drawing.  College trained.  I had a wonderful career as a painter.   Two one man shows in Paris, one in New York, one in London and one in Chicago. 

In the directors chair at Galerie Naifs et Primitifs, Paris, 1985, First One Man Show.


A younger me in front of a huge oil, multiple cat portrait.  Sold for $3000 in New York in 1987.  The franc was at TEN to the dollar.  I lived in France.  Aaahhh…

 Then about ten in a less “prestigious” location on the island of Belle Ile, which made me a ton of money.  That’s right, money from painting.  

Pre crash.  But it’s true. 


 I realize I am probably the only person in America who knows this besides my parents.  I need to document all of this, to share it with you and to increase my credibility.  I promise to do that.   


Large pastel.  Sold Belle Ile en Mer.

I stopped painting at one point.  Why?  I was fed up with my ability to grind ‘em out.  I would have six tiny paintings on my easel at once.  I would move from one to another,  letting each one dry in turn.  The size of the painting was calculated to get six maximum size rectangles out of one piece of very expensive pastel paper.  I ground them out.  I sold them all.  And I became kind of disgusted and totally burned out.   Not by bulldogs!  Burned out by grinding out small pastels.   See?  I loved bulldogs even then;

bulldog art

Already doing bulldogs. Oil from first Paris show.

 bulldog art

Another oil from the Paris show.  Can you see the bulldog?  These images are so small because they are scanned from the only paper photos I have of them.

 I moved onto the next chapter which was creating artists bears and dogs.  I loved it.  A dog was purchased with public funds for the Louvre.  That was great.   I put painting on hold. 

Today I wanted to show you a little of my process, since I am starting to paint again.  This is a glimpse inside the studio, as these works are NOT finished!  Come on in!  The above sketch of Mugzy is how I begin.  First I set the darks and lights.  There is never any “drawing” on the canvas with dirty pencil.  This is all done with a very free gesture and a brush and two colors; blue and brown.  Then I might add a little white.  Then only after the dark and light pattern is set, I start to add a little color;



This is only started now…………not finished

Let me tell you the irony of how I started.  Remember I was disgusted by grinding out lots of little paintings.  Recently my attention was drawn to Carol Marine, the famous, “Daily Painter.”   I thought long and hard about the formula of her amazing $$$$$$ success.  She paints every day, that’s good for skill.  She does small canvases that are affordable in todays market.  That’s the key, I think.   And so, here I am, with an official Carol Marine panel holder…………painting again.    

Painting, for me, has always been the most profitable (hourly) form of art, IF it sells.  I am starting to believe that is possible again.  For years I have flailed around trying to find a smaller, less expensive form of art. 

Then Andrea wrote asking about a portrait.  Pet portraits; my former specialty.  This weekend was a dream come true for me.  I recieved attention and indeed an order, from a respected art collector. 


bulldog art


And then there’s the marketing buzz word, “Niche.”  I think mine has finally been revealed to me.  All my life I’ve loved and painted animals.  The poster of my first Paris show had dogs on it.    Bulldogs are my first love.   Bulldog Art.  Believe the way has been opened to me.  Thank you, Lord.



There’s another beginning.  It’s just a sketch.  Stay tuned for the progress of this one.  It’s Eddie.  His owner has asked me to paint him.  I started on a peachy background because Eddies skin looks so sweet and pink!  Please come back. 

Please send encouragement.

Bulldog Art and Mugzy’s Tummy


What is the power of art?  Day before yesterday I printed an image of Mugzy Gordon with the main color, and thus his tummy, turquoise.  Yesterday he had a tummy ache.   It is allergy season and this boy has to take medicine.


And wear socks. 


bulldog art

I reprinted him.  This time I used a putty color for block number two, which is his tummy and the main color.  Here’s another print.  Each one is a tiny bit different.


And another one;



Printed him on cream colored stock as well;



I think this afternoon I’ll make some cards of Mugzy for the Buddies Through Bullies Auction.

What do you think? 



Baby Meatball wants to sleep on it.

Dumb Blonde and The Ten Thousand Hour Rule

Printing on Paper works better with Ink than Fabric Paint.


bulldog art relief print susan tantlinger


Who knew?


Don’t answer that.  I can hear you saying, “Anyone on the planet with half a brain. 

Well, it came as a pleasant surprise to ME yesterday.


bulldog art


Ink is just better on paper than paint.  Here I was printing for the first time a new design, a group of blocks representing Mugzy Gordon.  Wow, the ink works great!  Not anywere near so sloppy and runny. 

Which brings us to the Ten Thousand Hour Rule.


bulldog art susan tantlinger


Not that I want to go there.  What is the Ten Thousand Hour Rule?  I’m not sure, exactly.  The very name scares me so much I haven’t looked into it further.  I am afraid it refers to the time it takes an artist to master a skill.  At my age, I don’t even want to do the math to see how many years that is.


The good  news, as I see it, is that just like when we were in college and kept changing majors to avoid the draft……….. Just like in that situation;  Hours are transferable!  Oh happy day.  I don’t have to learn to draw from scratch.  Don’t have to learn color combinations.  I can transfer knowledge.  Hopefully.   Although today I am going to reprint this, now understanding that the second block, which is an intense turquoise here, might look good in beige with the top, first color being a light true blue. 


english bulldog puppy

We’re off to try that, if Meatball will agree, again, to take his nap in the studio.  Prescious baby.