Today in the Studio


Here is the continuing effort to show you my work in progress.  I am so excited to have done a block print with three different colors.  Actually, I did the separate areas based on values (light to dark), not colors.  Then I am free to play around with wild colors.  Play I did, as you can see! Here are the blocks;

The last one is for the darkest color, and you can see most of the bull in it.  On the first trials, I used the white of the fabric for the lightest value and printed only the two darker colors.  Here is a bull, cut out.


All the while I was doing this the computer was on tweetdeck.  I was talking to Thea on the phone, and writing letters for her in French.  Emails came in fast and furious from my blog buddy, Denise, aka the Slave Driver.  Actually, she is a painter and a good one!   Then later I listened to a radio show called, “Artists Helping Artists.” 

Now here is a bull printed in three colors;


It is fun and challenging to see the prints with all the colors.  Each block had to be placed  exactly correctly and I’ve never done this before.  What great fun! 


Bulls are, they ARE purple, orange and yellow, right? 

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  • Susan says:

    Thanks for the visit, Denise! I have your blog as a feed on my google home page, so I’ve got my eye on you and your posts! Your cows are bright colors, but your beautiful horses are green sometimes if memory serves, so….. I guess you are the exception. Isn’t it fun?

  • I beg to differ with Ralph. MY cows and horses are purple, orange and yellow, too. And blue and red and…
    Susan, I really like that you showed the pictures of your blocks. That makes things so much more understandable. At first I thought you had some of your pictures reversed, and then my brain kicked in!
    Thanks for the mention. I’m taking notes and will do the same.

  • Susan says:

    Ah, Ralph, mine are! Thanks for the visit, my friend!

  • Ralph Buxtfellow says:

    No, they aren’t. Silly girl.

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