English Bulldogs in hoodies

Raoul here.  Through Susan, I made a lot of bulldog friends on Facebook!  The fashion for bulldogs this winter, (just in case you didn’t know,) is to wear a Hoodie.  Yes, they come specially sized for bulldogs.   It’s cold here and I don’t have one.  I threatened to call the SPCA and report Susan, so she ordered one for me!  Oh, just stay tuned for the photos of that one!    Now we do see some things on facebook that would make a bulldog blush.   


I’m not too swift with my two neurons, and I never took biology, but that bulldog looks to be a BOY.  Bulldog in drag?  Do these people have no limits?  Susan would never do that to me.  Would she?

If you want an additional bulldog Funny, head on over to Urban Bulldog and see the latest chapter of Sherbert’s adventures.  She has her own wagon!   Meanwhile, let’s just end the debate about what breed has the cutest puppies right here and now.   Feast your eyes on this baby bulldog attacking an alligator. 


When you’ve recovered from saying, “Aaaah,” let’s focus your minds back on ME, Raoul.  Oh, ok, here’s another bulldog baby, probably the cutest of them all. 

Baby Meatball:



Directing your attention back to ME, I have some further news for ya.  I may be old, but I’m still kicking inside.  I like to look at the bulldog GIRLS on facebook.  Susan always used to say, when looking for a guy, she wanted a man with, “A job and teeth.”  She’s not looking any more, but I’m always happy to find a new girlfriend.  Sorry, Frankie, it’s just an internet romance.  You might as well know.  I’ve met Pearl.  Now she’s got TEETH.  And a hoodie!



Pearl, who’s your DENTIST?

3 Responses to Bulldog HOODIES. I WANT ONE!

  • Toni Ruppert says:

    Hey Raoul, you’re having soo much fun! I can tell your surrogate mom loves you very much.

  • Raoul says:

    I’d look more, Denise, if I could get more computer time. SO many cute bulldogs on facebook. I’ve always loved the girls. Thanks so much for your visit! RAOUL.

  • Denise Bellon West says:

    Hey, Raoul, you know what they say: a man is old when he quits looking. Bully you!

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