Raouls BIG News

Friday again, so Raoul English Bulldoghere I am, Raoul, your favorite bulldog. 


I’m just sluggin’ along.  As you can see the magazines placed on the leather couch to deter my getting up here didn’t do a thing.   But I do have BIG NEWS.


I’M   IN   LOVE !


Here’s the object of my affection;  Sweet Frankie.


Sweet female english bulldog


Can you stand it?  She is so PRETTY!  My new love is such a fashionista.  She wears a different collar in just about every photo she sends me. 

Mommy doesn’t want to hear about love.  All she can talk about is what she wants for Christmas. 


 I think we should be sending all our money to Bulldog Rescue.  You could be friends with them on Face Book.  Or you could buy me a present. 

 Mommy says Sexting is just plain wrong.  Frankie sent me this;




Look at her cute pink tummy. Sexting is WRONG.  But I think she looks SWEET.  I want to invite her to the SlobberFest.

DUMB englis bulldog 

Is dating off the Internet dangerous for a BULLDOG? 





13 Responses to Raouls BIG News

  • Susan says:

    Denise, you sweetie! You’re by BBuddie! So appreciate the visit!

  • Looked at this with my daughter last night, and we laughed our heads off! Thanks for the laugh!
    Oh, I mean, Raoul, you are one lucky guy!

  • Susan says:

    Hi, Dannie, and Thanks for the visit! Raoul “writes” a weekly post, on Fridays. Please come back to see his latest adventures and finds. I’ll check out your rocking blog, promise.

  • Read a blog a week or two ago and although I should be in bed asleep, I’m glad I stayed up long enogh to find you againl.
    Love your blog, your tales, your art, AND your dog! Does he hog the attention! My Dandy’s Yogg got more reaction than I ever did! There’s a lot of dog-lovers out there!

  • Karen F Rose says:

    Susan you are too funny. Love these pictures you have posted.
    Loved being the blog class with you as well. Blog on!

  • Susan says:

    You are so kind, Patricia. HAPPY BIRTHDAY. So glad you found that smile. Raoul is happy he helped! Check in every Friday for a laugh from him!

  • Patricia Killinger says:

    “I couldn’t find my smile today until I found this… I loved it tell Raoul thank you and I wish him luck with his sweetheart. Thank you Susan thank you thank you.”

  • Susan says:

    Ah, Nanci, that’s the BEST. I will admit, I am starting to like, yes LIKE this blogging bussiness. Thanks for being one of the few who actually participated in the class. We had ….have? a great energy going in the small group that actually did the work. opps. Why don’t you say what you REALLY THINK, Susan?

  • Nanci Hersh says:


    Baby- you were Born to Blog! very funny and great photos…
    I look forward to seeing more of your work, reading about the life of a cowgirl and the adventures of Raoul.

    It was great sharing the blogosphere in class with you.

    Happy Happy and Merry Merry and all good stuff in the new year!

  • Susan says:

    So, so glad you visited! Ha! Yeeee Ha, as the case may be. Last night I was thinking, “Ok, I get it.” Saw you on Deb’s site, went to yours, enjoyed it a lot, will follow you. I used to feel like the girl with glasses standing in the door of the dance. Nobody was forbidding me to enter, but I just didn’t know how to get started in the group.
    Your kind words mean a lot!

  • They are absolutely adorable! Love your blog!!!

  • Susan says:

    I am a very careful bulldog. I do not give my heart easily. Frankie has charmed me. Besides, I’m not so fit myself anymore. But thanks for the advice. Raoul.

  • Alexie de Routierre says:

    Oh, Raoul, you’d better be careful. Female bulldogs are not always as young and fit as they might appear on the Internet! You should date a bulldog in your own town, who goes to your home church. Still if you decide to pursue it, I wish you luck. She is a hottie.

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