Claire Ranch Longhorns


Longhorn cattle

Welcome back into the studio!  You are welcome to follow along through the creative process in creating this floor cloth. 



I usually try not to let artwork spill over from the upstairs studio.  This time I had to use the rail above my shower to dry some of the handmade prints of cattle and buffalo. 


The cattle have been printed, ironed, medium applied.  Then each one was carefully cut.  Here I am starting to apply them to the backgrounds I’ve made for them on the rug.  The bright colors are paper and tissu paper!


A bit further along.  The cow has been applied after more layers of paper were added.  Can you see the flower from the flowered napkin?  That is one of my favorite parts.  French paper napkins, don’t you know.  And YOU wondered why I needed to bring an entire container load of stuff across the ocean. 


longhorn cattle

Now the bandanna border has been applied and the medium is still wet!  Fresh off the, “Press.”


Ohooo, I’m loving this border.  Do you like it?

Would you like to see the whole floor cloth? 


longhorn cattle floor cloth


Hope you have enjoyed this tour of the studio and the look at a work in progress.  How about a tiny sneak preview of the next project I started setting out today?

Ok, now I’m waiting for your comments and feedback.  Phone all local decorators at once! 

2 Responses to Claire Ranch Longhorns

  • Susan says:

    Merci, Jean. Oui, je les adore! Tres Western et Cowboy, j’espere. Je te remerci pour la visite. Comment va sur la Roche?

  • Jean says:

    Pas possible! C’est quoi la facination avec ces vaches a cornes? Elles sont terribles! J’adore!

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