A Coyotes Thanksgiving

My first floor cloth has been sold and the coyotes are running wild.  Perhaps with joy?  Ok, this was the first time I had shown floor cloths, so three sales was a great result.   Yes, there are coyotes here.  I wasn’t fast enough with either my camera or my rifle, but I saw him.  He came up from the direction of the river, walked ten feet from my side deck towards the horses!  Then he turned in front of the house, among the snow and sage brush that serves as a, “front lawn.”  Ducking under the fence, he went through the horses pen and off to the BLM.  Pita and Mo weren’t even afraid. 

Now there were about forty, yes FORTY, antelope at the side of their shed later in the day. 





The antelope come by every day to eat the old mineral block that the horses won’t even touch any more. 




Alyson, the teacher in my blog class, asked how recently we had been thankful for electricity or water.  When it’s 19 below zero with winds of 25 mph + the answer is, “Every Hour!”  At least!  We often loose electricity which is downright frightening.  The worst of it is that the horses water might freeze.  Horses, like people, drink even more water when it’s this cold.  But all is well here, and I do thank God. 


This floor cloth was purchased by Deb Trotter, the famous Cowgirl Artist!  Yeeee Haw!  I love her art, her humor, and her blog.  You are really missing something if you don’t check it out.  She’s just as amusing in person!  Deb has helped me so much.  She claims that Alyson is the person, “Most responsible for where she is today!”  Where she is is on TOP and I try to model the steps she has taken to get there.  I know she would welcome the company.


Every day, I have to look at the available hours, and decide how to best spend them.  A la Anthony Robbins, I keep uppermost in my mind the result I most want to obtain from the days efforts.  Most often it is, “SALES.”  Well, of course I would really most like to make Art.  Period.  But I realize that if I want to continue to do that, as I have for…….45 years……I need to sell to finance the effort.  Alyson’s book is sooooo aptly named; I’d Rather be in the Studio.  Amen to that.  Anyway, I made the decision to make and send a newsletter with a special, special offer for Black Friday.  Took me 3 hours.  If you don’t receive the newsletter and would like to hear about special sales, deals and be the first to know Raoul’s news, please sign up Now!  Just send an email to susantant@nemont.net   and Raoul will put you on the list.  He gets a Markies for every new subscriber! 


Careful examination of the coupon COULD give you the secret code for 50% off ! 


This offer will be valid from midnight Thursday,……until midnight Saturday.  wow.  Check it OUT!  Everything in my Etsy store 50% off !


Ok, Buckaroos, we have to head out into the snow.  I’ll just leave you with this final thought;  If the man who carves your turkey wears a cowboy hat INSIDE you just might be living the Authentic Cowgirl Lifestyle. 


 Wishing a Happy Thanksgiving to all. 

6 Responses to A Coyotes Thanksgiving

  • Susan says:

    Thanks for your visit, Alyson! I don’t want the class to end! Do you have a lot of time this week, because I am going to hit you with a BIG thoughtful question. Are you ready?

  • Brrrrr. This so reminds me of my days in Laramie. We got about 80 mph winds last week, but, thankfully, it wasn’t 19 below.

    Congrats on your sales, Susan!

  • Susan says:

    Thanks, Nanci. I am trying to follow Alyson’s suggestion of having at least one photo of my ART in every post. You are obvioulsy doing a great job on visising and commenting. It is appreciated, and the teachers are right; it forms a connection. Do you think we can develop it further into a discussion?

  • Nanci Hersh says:

    Great post Susan, enjoyed seeing your floor cloth, the photos, hearing about your life and seeing what interests you.

    Good job Girl!

  • Susan says:

    Thank you, Dannie, and thanks for visiting! I admit I had a look at your aluminist site and wanted to leave a comment…..but I was just totally stumped about what to say. Talk about a niche market! Wow, I really learned something. I had no IDEA that people collected aluminum. Actually, I have a bread basket I’ll have to photograph to send you. It’s french. Thanks again.

  • Enjoyed reading about the snow, coyotes and antelope.

    And about the blessing of having running water and HOT water when its freezing weather outside.

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