Monthly Archives: September 2010

Coming Along

Floor cloths and flatness are improving. 

 This has been a struggle.  Yet I am so greatful that I am an artist.  What a joy.  Six days, whole days to work on MY work.  That used to be my life…….endless days, the rest of my life to work, to live MY LIFE.  Lord, if, no, WHEN I get that back, I will be eternally greatful!  I Think, I believe, I am on the way! 



Raoul has long been unsatisfied with the amount of water I ration to his large bowl.  I always feared that if given the chance he would drink and drink…….with possible resulting consequences.  Here he is in his own little personal heaven.  Drink up, Boy.


Pucker Problems

Floor Cloths are FUN.  So, Why so nervous?  Can’t find a 20 year old tool, rushing and rushing today.  Taking my car to Walmart for an oil change.   Went to pick it up and the man said, “It isn’t ready, they are still working on it.”  Only problem is I can SEE through the glass windows and no one, and I mean no one is anywhere near my car.  That, times 100.   I’m a grump.  All I want to do is Artwork!  Not a lot of that accomplished waiting for the phantom man to, “work,” on my car.  Not.  Besides that, Mrs. Lincoln, how did you like the play?  
    Raoul is doing his part, contemplating fabric selection.  Good bulldog.
Raoul contemplates fabric choices